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Top 5 Reasons to Buy From Your Local Butcher

Easily one of the most intimidating areas of the grocery store is the meat counter. Identifying the best cuts, estimating the needs for your family, and understanding how to make meat selections for certain recipes can keep many folks away from buying fresh meat.

However, once you’ve tested fresh, high quality meat, it's hard to ever go back to not buying it. We all want to be grill-masters, pit-bosses, and kitchen queens, but that starts with high-quality ingredient selection. Your local butcher can help you do just that. Listed below are the top five reasons to buy from your local butcher shop.

  1. Fresher Meat Selection. Most butcher shops do not have access to large cold storage facilities. As a result, they’re forced to buy or slaughter fresh meat weekly versus being able to store large quantities of meat for periods of time.

  2. Shopping Local. When you shop at a local butcher shop, your money is not circulating through a large corporate machine. Your dollars are staying local. Small businesses are the backbone of our nation. They’re the ones that support your little league teams, provide donations for your auctions, and offer their time at community functions.

  3. Better customer service. There’s no substitute for the relationships built at businesses that you frequent. Butchers can help you make decisions on how to buy for your family. They can help you select better cuts of meat, and they can offer higher quality service than a serve yourself meat case.

  4. More knowledgeable staff. The owners and employees at butcher shops are typically meat experts, whether you have questions about meat selection, cooking styles, or even seasonings. They can help you determine how best to feed your family, how to improve your eating experience, and even how to eat better protein on a budget. Butchers can help you understand more about how your meat was raised and where it came from. They can educate your mind and help fill your stomach.

  5. Better selection and quality. Butcher shops can cut and portion your choice of protein to fit your family’s needs. Typically, it’s fresh beef, and you can find higher beef quality grades available at specialty stores.

Thanks for reading this far! Hopefully these reasons will convince you to visit your local butcher shop! If you’ve got more questions, butchers are definitely the people to ask. Check them out!

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